Results for the 2009 Wild Duluth races are now posted.  Once again, many thanks to the runners and volunteers.


50K Winner Wynn Davis


50K Winner Rochelle Wirth

Short story – We had some of the toughest ultrarunners I’ve ever seen at the Wild Duluth races this year.  We had only one runner not finish the 50K race and only two runners not finish the 100K race.  This course is tough, and if you don’t believe it, come up next year and check it out! Great job runners!

Wynn Davis smoked the 50K course running a very fast 4:11 on this challenging course to win the 50K.  Rochelle Wirth ran an equally smoking 50K to win the women’s race in the 50K in 5:13.  In the 100K, Sean Andrish set an amazing standard by running a very fast 10:52.  Julie Treder took the women’s race in a great 14:45.  These winning times for our inaugural race will set the bar pretty high!

We had some good stories out their on the trail.  Our final finisher in the 50K got way off course early in the race but gutted it out and finished her first ultra.  She ran some extra miles but never gave up – the true ultrarunners spirit!  We also had a great first time ultra finisher in the 100K.  He had never run an ultra before and knew little about the sport before accepting the challenge of 100

100K Winner Julie Treder

100K Winner Julie Treder

100K Winner Sean Andrish

100K Winner Sean Andrish

kilometers on a very rough, rugged and challenging course.  Needless to say, he finished strong, had an amazing positive attitude and

showed everyone what ultrarunning is all about.

I’ll try to post a longer report when I wake up a little more.  Looking forward to next year already!