Just a few more brief updates before the race on Saturday.
Drop Bags – If you plan on using drop bags for either race, remember drop bags may only be left at the Highland/Getchell Aid Station and the Magney-Snively Aid Station.  You can leave your drop bags at the packet pick-up at Bayfront on Friday night from 5-7 p.m.  100K runners may also leave their drop bags in the morning at the start at Bayfront Park.  50K runners can leave their bags at the start in the morning at Chambers Grove Park.  Please mark your drops bags with your race #, last name and the aid station you’d like it dropped at.
Warm Ups – 50K runners taking the bus can leave their warm-ups at the start at Chambers Grove Park.  You might want to put them in a bag to keep all of your stuff together.  We’ll bring your warm-ups back to the finish line at Bayfront Park.  Don’t leave anything on the bus.
Cups – Please try to minimize the number of cups you use at aid stations.  If you don’t need a cup, just fill your bottle with water or sports drink.  We’d like to minimize waste and litter.  Also, be sure not to litter anywhere on the course.
Trail Between Chambers Grove and Grand Portage Aid Station – Most of the course will be run on the Superior Hiking Trail.  For the most part, the SHT is very well maintained and won’t have any downed trees or logs across the trail.  Be aware however, that the trail connecting the 50K start at chambers grove (middle of 100K) will not be as well maintained.  There may be a few logs across the trail in this section.  Just pay attention and follow the course markings and you will be fine.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!  Hope all of your travels are safe!