We’ve made a slight change to the first segment of the 50K course (middle part of the 100K course).  Instead of following Highway 23 from Chambers Grove Park and then turning left and following 131st Ave. W, we will proceed directly across Hwy 23 upon leaving Chambers Grove Park and up the hill.  This will relieve us of the longest stretch of pavement on the course (good!).  It will add a bit steeper but shorter climb to the course.  It will also make the first section about 3/10 of a mile shorter.  The 50K course will be slightly less than 31 miles and the 100K slightly less than 100K.  Believe me, you’ll all still get your moneys worth!

The new segment climbs steeply up the hill to the top of the ridge where you will run below towering White Pines with views out over the St. Louis River and Chambers Grove Park.  It’s a beautiful little section.  We’ll start out for a bit on deer trails and then onto a well-defined footpath that will eventually lead us to the Mission Creek Trail.  It will be marked clearly.

Runners should be aware that the first segment of the 50K (middle segment of the 100K) is run mostly on undesignated footpaths and ATV trails.  We will mark it well, but please pay careful attention to the markings and watch your footing.  There are a few ruts where we run on an old ATV path for a bit.

I’ll update the maps and course description within the next day or two.