A couple of notes about this years race:

– The Minnesota DNR will be conducting a special firearms deer season on October 11 and 12.  We were not aware of this until recently and do not know how many hunters may be in the woods during this season.  The majority of the trail we will be running for Wild Duluth will be within the City of Duluth boundary and there should not be any hunters along the trail along most of the route.  There are a couple of areas, totalling about 2-3 miles, where the trail strays out of the City of Duluth and into Midway Township.  The Superior Hiking Trail Association has advised, “THE SUPERIOR HIKING TRAIL WILL NOT BE CLOSED DURING THIS WEEKEND BUT PLEASE USE CAUTION.  WEARING BLAZE ORGANGE WHEN HIKING ON THE TRAIL DURING THIS HUNTING WEEKEND IS RECOMMENDED.”   Duluth sections Jay Cooke State Park to Fond du Lac and Beck’s Road at 131st Ave W to Magney Snively Park (these sections of trail leave the City of Duluth in several places and go into neighboring Midway Township).  We would recommend wearing blaze orange or another very bright color (lime green or hot pink) early in the race.  White may not be a good color, nor would brown be a good color to wear.  This is something to be aware of, but should not affect our run.  I will have orange flagging tape at the start that you can tie around your head or arms at the very least if you don’t have any bright stuff of your own.

– We will be providing water approximately every 4-7 miles or so.  We won’t have any other aid items.  If you have food you’d like at these “aid stations,” please leave it with me and we will get it to you.  Likewise, if you have clothes or a change of shoes, we can also have those ready for you at these aid locations.  We should have two people (as well as two vehicles) at each aid stop so we can leapfrog ahead and hopefully not miss anyone as people begin getting spread out.

– We will be recording your time at each aid stop and a final time at the finish.  So, we should be able to provide splits at each of these locations.  Aid locations will be:

1.  Grand Portage – mile 3.7

2.  Munger Trail Trailhead Parking lot – mile 9.6 (5.9 miles)

3.  Magney-Snively Trailhead Parking lot – mile 13.9 (4.3 miles)

4.  Highland Street and Getchell Road Parking lot – mile 21.1 (7.2 miles)

5.  Skyline Parkway at N. 24th Ave. W Parking lot – mile 26.8 (5.7 miles)

6.  Finish/Turnaround at Bayfront Park – mile 30.2 (3.4 miles)

We may also see you at the base of Spirit Mountain (2 miles after the Magney-Snively aid stop) if we can get there before you do.